How to share your ETA in Apple Maps on iOS

How to share ETA in Apple Maps on iPhone

With iOS 13, Apple brought an array of new features to the Maps app. You can use Look Around for a 360-degree street view, create Collections of places you want to visit, and more. Along with these cool features is the ability to share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with your contacts.

The new ETA sharing ability is terrific for letting those you’re meeting with know when you will arrive. Plus, if you run into a delay on your way, they’ll receive an update. This short tutorial shows you how to share your ETA in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad.

Share your ETA in Maps

Open up the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad and pick the location you’re heading to. Then just follow these steps to share your ETA.

1) Tap Go to start the GPS directions to the location.

2) Before you begin your journey, you’ll see a Share ETA link at the bottom. If you’re quick, you can tap it, but it only stays there for a few seconds. If you miss it, don’t worry; just swipe up from the bottom of the Maps app and tap Share ETA.

Share ETA Maps iPhone

3) Select the contact you want to share your ETA with. You can choose more than one person if you like and you’ll see an indicator at the bottom showing how many people you’re sharing your ETA with. If you tap that link, you have the option to stop sharing with a tap.

Sharing ETA Maps iPhone

You can see at the bottom of the app that those you’re sharing your ETA with will have access to your location, route, and destination until you arrive.

Sharing ETA Details Maps iPhone

This is a great way to keep family and friends informed of your whereabouts for safety reasons as well as coworkers or acquaintances for knowing when you’ll arrive at a scheduled event.

Shared ETA Maps iPhone

Wrapping it up

The Share ETA feature in the Maps app is a handy one for sure. What do you think of it? Is this something that you see yourself and your family members using? Let us know your thoughts below!