Survey shows majority of Netflix users don’t plan on subscribing to Apple TV+

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The way Tim Cook sees it, the streaming wars is not a battle that will see one ultimate winner. Rather there will just be a lot of options, and Apple simply wants to be in on the fun.

Most people have a finite amount of money, though, so it will ultimately come down to which streaming services offer the most bang for their buck. If someone has $10-$50 pre-determined on a monthly basis for streaming services, only so many can fit in there. So while Apple TV+ might be a great option for someone out there, it might not be worth it to drop another service to fit into their monthly allowance.

Whatever the reason(s), it appears that a majority of Netflix subscribers do not plan on subscribing to Apple TV+ when it launches on November 1. That’s from Piper Jaffray (via CNBC), a firm that released a poll back in September that aimed to find out how Netflix subscribers plan on tackling the upcoming streaming options.

As mentioned above, the majority of those polled say they won’t be subscribing to Apple TV+ or even Disney+ when it launches on November 12. However, for the folks that do decide to pick up Apple TV+ or Disney+ in the future, they don’t plan on leaving Netflix.

Our survey suggests that the majority (~75%) of Netflix subscribers do not intend to subscribe to either Disney+ or Apple TV+. For those that do expect to use one of these offerings, the vast majority expect to also maintain their Netflix subscription,” Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson said

Olson notes that many Netflix subscribers are already planning to have more than one subscription for media consumption, so adding Apple TV+ is an option. That becomes more feasible for a lot more customers as they drop their “traditional TV offerings”.

Most existing Netflix subscribers appear to be trending towards multiple streaming video subscriptions, especially as many continue to reduce their spend on traditional TV offerings,” Olson said

But competition is already here, and the streaming market is going to get even more congested in the months ahead. We’ve got Apple TV+ and Disney+ on the way, sure, but we also have HBO Max set to arrive in the near future. And we can’t forget about NBCUniversal’s upcoming Peacock service, too.

How about you? If you subscribe to Netflix do you plan on leaving that service to switch to something like Apple TV+ or Disney+? Or will you be making sure you have enough available every month to add more streaming services to your plate along with Netflix?