Pandora launches a redesigned app featuring ‘dynamic personalization’, a ‘For You’ section, and more

Pandora has been busy this year, aiming to make sure that more people stick with the leader in streaming music. And that trend continues as 2019 winds down.

Today, Pandora has officially announced it just launched its massively redesigned mobile app for both iOS and Android. The streaming service calls it the “New Pandora Mobile Experience”, which pretty much sums up the fact that Pandora is going all-in with changes, especially as it continues to broaden its scope beyond music to include podcasts, aiming to make navigation even easier while using the app.

Pandora’s new mobile experience introduces a range of innovative features designed to enhance personal discovery and give listeners full exposure to Pandora’s vast library of on-demand music and podcasts, personalized content via Pandora’s curation team and its proprietary Music and Podcast Genome technology, and wide selection of unique programming and features no matter which tier of service they use: free ad-supported, Pandora Plus, or Pandora Premium.

First up, the new “For You” section — which is the same idea and name as Apple Music‘s own section. It will do the same thing as well: this is a personalized feed that will update dynamically over time. It will have a plethora of fresh content, all curated based on your listening history and tastes. It will include podcast recommendations as well — something that Apple Music, admittedly, does not do.

The “Pandora Modes” feature will let users quickly customize even more listening stations, broadening to the mobile experience after initially just launching on the web. The whole app features a redesigned, but simplified navigation interface.

The new Pandora mobile app connects listeners across all tiers of service to our massive selection of on-demand music and podcasts, personalized content, and unique audio entertainment like never before,” said Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer & Head of Technology, SiriusXM/Pandora. “Now, all Pandora listeners can enjoy endless and effortless personal discovery across Artists, Stations, Playlists, Albums, Songs, Podcasts, and more.

Probably one of the best changes in the new app is the fact that the navigation buttons have been moved to the bottom of the screen, which should undoubtedly help users quickly jump from one area of the app to the next.

Pandora says the redesigned mobile app is available now for a limited number of iOS and Android users. However, it will be available for all Pandora customers, regardless of their tier of service, in the “coming weeks”.

Are you still a Pandora subscriber? Or did you move on to Apple Music, Spotify, or another streaming service?