How to use the App Store on Apple Watch

How to use Apple Watch App Store

With the update to Apple Watch for watchOS 6, Apple introduced something new; the App Store. So when you want to snag a new app for your Apple Watch, you look no further than your wrist.

This makes it easy to search for and download apps directly from and to your Watch without the need for your iPhone.

How does the App Store on Apple Watch work? We’re here to show you how to use it.

Using the App Store on Apple Watch

Make sure that you’ve updated your Apple Watch to watchOS 6 or later. Then, press your Digital Crown button and select App Store from your list of installed apps.

You can jump to one of the following sections if you need help with a particular item:

Browsing and finding apps

When the App Store opens, you’ll see a Search box at the top and can use the Digital Crown to scroll through collections of featured apps. You’ll see trending categories like Listen on the Go or Track Your Workout. You can tap a category to view the apps or the See All button.

Apple Watch App Store Browse

To use the search feature, just tap in the Search box. You can then pick from Dictation or Scribble for entering your keyword. You’ll also notice a list of Trending searches you can select from if you like.

Apple Watch App Store Search

Note from Apple:

When using Apple Watch with cellular, cellular data charges may apply. Scribble is not available in all languages.

Getting apps and details

When you see an app that interests you, just tap it for more details. You’ll see similar items as the App Store on iPhone like a description, price, screenshots, developer, and star rating. If you scroll a bit further, you can tap the options for Ratings & Reviews, Version History, Information (size, compatibility, languages), and Privacy Policy.

Apple Watch App Store Details

To download an app that’s free, tap Get and for a paid app, tap the price. You may be asked to enter your App Store password on your iPhone or double-click the side button to confirm your download or purchase.

Apple Watch App Store Get

Checking your account

You can view a few details for your account in the App Store on Apple Watch. On the main App Store screen, use the Digital Crown to scroll all the way to the bottom and tap Account.

You’ll see options for Purchased and Updates. So, you can see apps you’ve purchased and downloaded along with those that have updates available. If you use Family Sharing, you can tap a family member to see their purchases too.

Apple Watch App Store Account

The App Store in the Watch app

The Watch app on your iPhone still has a button at the bottom for App Store. If you tap it, you’ll see a reminder that you can access the App Store directly from your Watch. Or, you can tap Discover Watch Apps on iPhone which will open the Apple Watch Apps section of the App Store iPhone app.

Apple Watch App Store Watch App

Wrapping it up

It’s convenient to have the App Store right on Apple Watch for plenty of scenarios. Maybe you’re out and about and need an app quickly or your iPhone is charging in another room.

Personally, I prefer to browse and search for Apple Watch apps on my iPhone instead. It provides a larger view and the Similar Apps section which is currently missing from the App Store on the Watch itself. But overall, it’s a handy feature.

What are your thoughts on the App Store on your Apple Watch? Let us know what you think in the comments below!