Apple seeds first iOS 13.1 beta to developers

Despite the fact that iOS 13 has yet to launch to the public, and Apple is currently still beta testing that version of the mobile operating system, today marks the release of the first beta of iOS 13.1.

This week, Apple has seeded the first beta of iOS 13.1 to developers. This version of Apple’s mobile OS will likely be the first public update to the software after iOS 13 officially launches to the public this fall. As for when iOS 13.1 will become available to the public, that remains to be seen. And it’s certainly a curious move to see Apple already testing the pre-release software this far in advance.

The beta of iOS 13.1 is available now for developers. They will need to have the appropriate profile downloaded on their test device or devices to be able to download and install the software. For those who already have the iOS 13 beta running on their device, the iOS 13.1 beta will automatically show up as an over-the-air update.

It’s unknown if there are any additional major features included with this version of iOS. However, Apple’s official changelog lists the standard bug fixes and software improvements. If there are any major new additions added, though, we will update this post accordingly.

It’s also possible this is a mislabeled ninth beta of iOS 13. Whatever the case, it’s out there now for developers.

What’s new

  • Share ETA has made a return to the Maps app. This will allow users to quickly share their estimated time of arrival to individuals after a specific destination has been entered.
  • Shortcuts Automations is also returning in this software beta, after Apple removed it in iOS 13. This makes it possible to create Shortcuts for automations.
  • AirPods now have a dedicated icon for when adjusting the volume while the wireless headphones are connected.
  • There are new HomeKit icons.
  • General improvements to mouse support in iOS 13.1.
  • Jeremy Horowitz says there are improvements to HEVC video encoding.
  • Minor tweaks to Dynamic Wallpapers.