How to quickly delete an Instagram message you sent

Delete Private Message Instagram iPhone

Have you ever said something you wish you could take back? We all have and unfortunately there’s no way to un-say it.

Now how about this, have you ever sent a message on Instagram you wish you hadn’t? Luckily, you can take that back!

Yes, there is a way to delete a private message you sent on Instagram and this short tutorial shows you how.

Delete a message on Instagram

Whether you messaged the wrong person, said something you regret, or simply wrote something incorrectly, you can remove it from Instagram private messaging. And deleting a message you send is as easy as a couple of taps.

Open the conversation on the Instagram app and then do the following.

1) Tap and hold the message you sent that you want to delete.

2) Tap Unsend in the small menu that appears.

3) Confirm that action by tapping Unsend.

Unsend Instagram Message iPhone

Done and gone!

Instagram Messages Gone iPhone

Things to keep in mind when you Unsend a message

Nothing is perfect and even though you Unsend a message, just remember a few things.

  • You can Unsend messages that have been marked as Seen or not.
  • Unsending a message will remove it from the conversation for everyone in it.
  • Even though you Unsend a message, if the person has already seen it, you can’t undo that part. It may be removed from Instagram but not from their brain. So, message wisely my friends.
  • A notification will be sent to the user saying that you have deleted a message. Obviously, the content of the message will not be shared if it hasn’t been seen yet, but the other user will know you deleted something.

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Wrapping it up

Is this Unsend trick for Instagram messages something you’ve already discovered and used? If so, did deleting that Instagram message save you from an embarrassing or regretful moment? If you’d like to share, our comments section is here for you.