Bloomberg: higher-end AirPods with water resistance and noise cancellation due in 2020

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu have summarized their knowledge of Apple’s roadmap ahead of the September 10 iPhone event, saying in a report that the company is planning to release a pair of AirPods next year that are likely to cost more than the current $159 model because they will offer features like water resistance and noise cancellation.

From the report:

Apple is working on new AirPods that are likely to be more expensive than the current $159 model. New features will include water resistance and noise cancellation with a launch planned by next year. Apple introduced a new version of the entry-level AirPods in March with hands-free Siri support and longer battery life.

Analyst Daniel Ives of Wedbush predicted Apple could launch a pair of water resistant AirPods, making the product more suitable for the gym similar to Apple’s sporty Powerbeats Pro earphones that feature an IPX4 water rating. And with active noise cancellation, these upcoming earphones would immerse you in your music by reducing unwanted sounds and noise in your surroundings — just like Sony’s new truly wireless earbuds.

And with the next iPhone said to feature a reverse wireless charging system, you’ll be able to wirelessly recharge the optional wireless charging of the current AirPods by leaving it on the back of the upcoming iPhone Pro smartphones.

Although the report doesn’t mention it, I think Apple will keep the current model of AirPods on sale when the new model launches in order to segment the audience for wireless earbuds. Like with iPhone, shoppers on a budget who don’t need to own the latest-generation Apple product would be able to choose between the current $159/$199 Airpods with wired/wireless charging, respectively, while those living on the bleeding edge could upgrade to the aforementioned higher-end model provided they need water resistance and noise cancellation.

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Interestingly enough, despite not having any kind of water resistance rating, CNET found that the current AirPods can in fact fare pretty well even in a rigorous water test.

How much would you be pay for AirPods with water resistance and noise cancellation?

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