How to create a new project in iMovie on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

The iMovie app on iOS and Mac is one of those apps you only open if you really need it. And many people delete it just to save storage space. But if you are interested in creating some movie magic on your device, then there’s no better way than with iMovie.  And the best place to start is with how to create a new project. So, open iMovie on iPhone, iPad, or Mac and follow along!

iMovie New Trailer Project on Mac

Create a new project in iMovie

On iPhone or iPad

Everything you create in iMovie is called a Project. So, pop open iMovie on your iPhone or iPad and follow these steps to start a new project:

1) Make sure you’re on the Projects screen.

2) From here, select Movie, Magic Movie, or Storyboard.

  • If you choose Movie, you’ll start your creation from scratch.
  • If you pick Magic Movie, the app will quickly create a short video for you based on the images and videos you select.
  • If you go with Storyboard, you can download and pick from templates like Celebration, Cooking, Day in the Life, DIY, Gaming, How It Works, Product Review, News Report, and much more. You can also tap Trailers and use old iMovie trailer styles like Bollywood, Family, Retro, Romance, etc.
iMovie Projects on iPhone

Storyboard templates will show the preview simply if you select one of them.

To see a preview of a trailer template, just pick one and press the play button at the top. To use the template, select it and tap Create.

On Mac

It’s just as easy to create your movie on your Mac, where you have more space to work with. Open iMovie and then follow these steps to begin a new project:

1) Click the Projects tab at the top and then click the large plus sign.

2) In the small pop-up window, select either Movie or Trailer. Like on iOS, Movie lets you create from scratch, whereas Trailer lets you pick a template.

iMovie New Project on Mac

To see a preview of a trailer template, just click the play button that appears when you mouse-over one. To use the template, select it and click Create on the bottom right.

iMovie New Trailer Project on Mac

Note: Unlike iPhone and iPad apps, iMovie on Mac doesn’t support creating Magic Movie or Storyboard yet. But, if you have created one on your iPhone or iPad, you can import the project to Mac.

Movie versus Trailer in iMovie

As described, if you choose to create a new Movie project, you’ll start with a blank canvas. You’ll select the media you want to use, such as an existing video or photos from your library. You’ll then pull together all of the pieces, including the title, transitions, background, and more.

iMovie Movie Project on Mac

If you decide to create a Trailer using a template, this is a fun way to go because your creation will look like an actual movie trailer. And you’ll start with an outline, storyboard, and shot list that walks you through it like a real movie.

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iMovie Trailer Project on Mac

Similar to Trailer, the Magic Movie and Storyboard options in iPhone or iPad iMovie apps also let you pick a template and finish creating your final video edit sooner as opposed to choosing Movie and doing everything from scratch.

This is just the very first step in using iMovie to create something fantastic! We have a lot more tutorials to come, so be on the lookout or head to our iMovie section to stay up to date.

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