How to manage Projects in iMovie on Mac and iOS

Manage iMovie Projects Mac

Everything that you create in iMovie, whether a Trailer or Movie, is considered a Project. You can make as many Projects as you like. And if you end up with a huge list of them, you’ll want to know how to manage those Projects.

You may want to play, rename, edit, duplicate, or delete a Project. This tutorial shows you how to easily manage Projects in iMovie on both Mac and iOS.

Manage iMovie Projects on Mac

View, filter, or search Projects

When you open iMovie on your Mac, click the Projects button at the top of the window.

To filter your Projects, click the arrows to the left of the Search box. Here, you can choose from all Projects, the five or 20 most recent, or those modified in the last six months or year.

This gives you a quick way to narrow down your Project list if you have many.

Filter iMovie Projects Mac

You can also pop a keyword or phrase into the Search box if you’re looking for a particular Project. Be sure to use a word or phrase in the Project’s name. And remember that the Project name is different than the title you give to a Movie or Trailer.

Search iMovie Projects Mac

Project view quick actions

You can perform some quick actions right from the Projects view screen in iMovie on Mac. Select a Project and click the More (three-dot icon) button next to the Project name. You can then choose from play, open (for editing), share, rename, duplicate, or delete a project.

If the Project you select is a Trailer, you also have an option to “Convert Trailer to Movie”.

iMovie Project Actions Mac

Manage iMovie Projects on iPhone

In iMovie on iPhone, tap Projects at the top to see your project list. You can access quick actions by holding and sliding up on a project. This allows you to edit, share, or delete a project quickly.

Alternatively, you can tap a Project for its actions. This lets you play, edit, share, or delete.

iMovie Project Actions iPhone

To import a project, tap the Arrow button on the bottom left corner of the Projects screen and locate the project.

Import iMovie Projects iPhone

Manage iMovie Projects on iPad

In iMovie on iPad, you’ll see your Projects as soon as you open the app. Tap a Project and you can then play, edit, share, or delete the project.

iMovie Project Actions iPad

To import a project, tap the More button on the top left of the Projects screen and locate the project.

Import iMovie Projects iPad

Wrapping it up

Managing your Projects in iMovie is pretty simple although you do have a few more options on Mac than iOS. Hopefully these tips will help if you’re stuck.

Do you have any tips for other iMovie users that you’d like to share? If so, feel free to comment below!