Messages Details on MacBook Screen

If one of the features you like about sending text messages on your iPhone or iPad is the ability to send receipts when you read your messages, then you’re in luck because you can do this on your Mac too.

While you can set them up for all of your contacts, you can also enable read receipts in Messages on Mac for only certain contacts if you prefer and here’s how.

Enable read receipts for specific contacts in Messages on Mac

Open Messages on your Mac and then perform the following steps to set up read receipts for certain contacts.

1) Navigate to a conversation in Messages with the contact you want.

2) Click Details on the top right of the Messages window.

3) Mark the checkbox for Send Read Receipts.

Send Read Receipts Certain Contact Mac Messages

Now whenever you read a message from that contact on your Mac, the sender will see that.

Enable read receipts for all contacts

If you decide to turn on this feature for all contacts in the Messages app on Mac, just do the following.

1) Open Messages and select Messages > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Select the iMessage tab.

3) Mark the checkbox for Send Read Receipts.

Send Read Receipts All Contacts Mac Messages

With this feature enabled, all contacts will know when you read their messages.

Disable read receipts for certain contacts

If you have this turned on and want to disable read receipts for only certain contacts, it’s easy. Just follow the first set of instructions above and uncheck the box in Details for that contact for Send Read Receipts.

Wrapping it up

You might want to make sure that certain people in your life know when you’ve received and read their text messages, like your parents or your kids. Having the flexibility to enable this feature for specific contacts in Messages on Mac makes that possible.

Do you plan to enable read receipts for certain contacts in Messages on your Mac? Let us know! And if you have tips for Messages on Mac that you’d like to share, feel free to comment below or hit us up on Twitter!

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