Twitter has been testing a new feature that will soon enable its iOS and Android customers to receive notifications in the mobile app for any new replies to a specific tweet.

“You probably have notifications on for your must-follows,” the company announced in a tweet. “Now you can get notifications when there’s a new reply to a tweet you’re interested in! We’re testing this on iOS and Android now.”

The mobile app’s long had a per-account feature letting you get notified when a specific account posts a tweet. The new feature being tested brings more granularity to this by notifying you only of replies to a particular tweet, as MacRumors notes.

“The option is designed to make following the development of a conversation related to a specific tweet more straightforward, as this can sometimes be difficult if you don’t already follow the original poster,” the publication noted.

Twitter also recently rolled out a snooze button along with a Hide Replies feature that makes it easy to collapse replies to your tweets, so you can hide unwanted replies from your conversations conducted on the social media platform.