Here are Apple’s official video tutorials showing how Apple Card works

Apple Card today began rolling out to early adopters who were selected by the company to participate in the Preview program. The Cupertino technology giant has now published the initial set of nearly a dozen tutorial videos via its YouTube channel that show how to set up your card on an iPhone and activate it, how to use its many features and much more.

We’ve included all ten videos right ahead.

How to apply for your Apple Card

“Apply for Apple Card right in the Wallet app on your iPhone. You can start using it in minutes.”

How to activate Apple Card with iPhone XS/XR

“Activate your titanium Apple Card today. Just open your packaging, wake your iPhone and hold it near to begin the process.”

How to activate Apple card with iPhone X and earlier

“Activate your titanium Apple Card for your iPhone X or earlier. Just open your packaging and follow activation instructions in your Wallet app.”

How to make a purchase in store

“It’s fast and easy to buy things in store with Apple Card. You can use Apple Pay wherever you see a terminal.”

How to make a purchase online

“Shopping online with Apple Card is as easy as using Apple Pay. You can buy things with a glance.”

How to find your card number

“When you’re shopping online with Apple Card and need to find your card number, it’s right in your Wallet app.”

How to see your Daily Cash

“You get Daily Cash with every purchase you make with Apple Card. Here’s how to find it in your Wallet app.”

How to make a payment

“Apple Card is designed to help you pay less interest when you make a payment on your balance.”

How to check your spending

“Apple Card is designed to keep track of your spending better. You can follow every purchase you make by week, month or category.”

How to get support 24/7

“If you need help with your Apple Card, there’s no waiting on hold. Getting support is as easy as sending a text.”

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