How to enable star ratings for Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

Rate Song Music app iPhone

A star rating is something you see everywhere. From products to services, the more stars you see the better the product or service is considered. So of course, you can assign a star rating to your songs in Apple’s Music app.

By giving something a star rating on a scale of one to five, you can find music you like much easier and create Smart Playlists. And this is ideal if you rate a song on your iPhone or iPad and then check it out in your iTunes music library on your Mac.

If you’re not seeing this handy feature, here’s how to enable the star ratings for Music on iOS and Mac.

Enable and assign star ratings on iPhone and iPad

It takes just a couple of taps to enable the star rating feature on your iOS device.

1) Open your Settings and select Music.

2) Under Library, tap to enable the toggle for Show Star Ratings.

Enable Star Ratings iPhone

Now when you want to assign a star rating to a song, the option will appear in the actions menu in the Music app.

1) Tap and hold a song to open the actions menu.

2) Select Rate Song.

3) Choose from one to five stars for your rating and tap Done.

Rate Song iPhone

Enable and assign star ratings in iTunes on Mac

In iTunes on your Mac, star ratings don’t have to be enabled like on iPhone and iPad. You should see the Rating column in your music Library. If not, do the following:

1) In your Library, right-click one of the column headers.

2) Click Rating in the drop-down box for available columns. You can select, drag, and drop the column to a new spot if you like.

Star Rating iTunes Mac

To assign a star rating, just click one to five stars in that Rating column for the song.

Rate Song iTunes Mac

You’ll notice that songs you rated on your iOS device will sync up immediately and you can sort your songs by Rating by clicking the Rating column header.

Wrapping it up

What do you think about star ratings for your songs in the Music app? Is this something you plan to use? Let us know in the comments below!