Waze for iPhone is now showing you toll prices along your route

Waze for iPhone was updated on App Store this morning with a nifty new feature that tells you how much money you should expect to spend on tolls along your route.

According to The Verge, the new feature, available on iOS and Android starting today, is limited to users in the United States and Canada. So now before you start navigating, you’ll see the total dollar amount for tolls along your route displayed in the app.

Other navigation apps, including Google Maps, have had this feature for some time.

Waze has a massive database of the toll roads to help drivers avoid them and it’s now tapping into the power of crowd sourcing to collect the toll costs that users report within the app.

“The idea is clearly to give drivers the option to avoid tolls while also helping them assess whether they have the cash on hand to pass through,” The Verge wrote. The Google-owned app was updated earlier with the “Hey Google” hot word for Goole Assistant.

Earlier this month, Waze introduced a weekly calendar feature that makes carpool easy by allowing you to see who’s going your way and stay on track with scheduling reminders.

Waze is a free download from App Store.