Access iCloud web apps in an instant while browsing your favorite sites with the free iCloud Dashboard extension [sponsor]

This free productivity extension is an incredibly simple and easy way to access the iCloud web apps on your computer from within anywhere in the Chrome or Firefox browser.

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iCloud Dashboard is a free browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that speeds up and improves your productivity and workflow by providing instant access to iCloud web apps such as Photos, Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Find My iPhone/Friends and more.

After downloading the free Chrome or Firefox extension to your computer, you’ll notice a new cloud icon in your browser’s toolbar. Begin using the extension simply by hitting the dark-grey cloud icon, which can be found to the right of the address bar in Chrome or Firefox.

iCloud Dashboard is just that, a quick way to access the iCloud web apps from within anywhere in Chrome or Firefox.

Doing so will bring up an overlay with two rows of icons that will be familiar to anyone who has used iCloud web apps at With a single click, logged-in users can open open a web app of their choice (i.e. click the icon Contacts and you’ll land on

iCloud Dashboard is much faster than choosing an app manually via the iCloud web interface..

Clicking an icon when logged out takes you to the login page. Just type in your Apple ID user name and password to get to the selected service. You’ll want to remain logged in to remove any friction when using iCloud Dashboard.

This is an especially convenient method of using iCloud web apps while browsing your favorite websites, without having to manually visit the interface. iCloud Dashboard is fast and small in size. It doesn’t tax your resources at all and features a rich and beautiful design.

iCloud Dashboard includes shortcuts to the following iCloud web apps:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Find My iPhone
  • Find My Friends
  • iCloud Drive
  • Keynote
  • Launchpad
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Photos
  • Reminders
  • Settings

For more information, visit the official iCloud Dashboard website.

The iCloud Dashboard extension running in the Firefox browser.

You also get a similar panel with shortcuts when you log in to the iCloud web interface, but iCloud Dashboard puts them at your disposal for instant access right from the browser toolbar, which is much faster. Whether you use iCloud web apps on a daily basis or from time to time, consider installing this free extensions to save time and boost your productivity.

Get iCloud Dashboard from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-Ons store.