Xiaomi now has ‘Mimoji’, blatantly copying Apple’s Memoji

Xiaomi reveals Mimoji 3D avatars

Apple has had Memoji, its own brand of 3D avatars, for quite some time already. Long enough that Xiaomi has apparently decided it’s about time to copy Apple’s effort.

This week, Xiaomi has unveiled the CC9 phone series (via Engadget), and along with that it has debuted what it calls “Mimoji”. Yes, it sounds and looks like Memoji, and yes, Xiaomi’s 3D avatars looks strikingly similar to Apple’s own creation. This isn’t the first time that a company has offered its own 3D avatars following Apple’s Memoji launch, but the art style is what really grabs your attention (once you get beyond the obvious Mimoji, too).

Not that you probably need it, but here’s Apple’s Memoji (featuring the new customization options coming with iOS 13).

Even more Memoji customization in iOS 13

Xiaomi has designed the Mimoji to be shareable, too, allowing device owners to send them through text messages.

As mentioned above, Apple wasn’t the first to launch 3D avatars for device owners. Microsoft has had something similar with its own avatars for years now, for instance. But there is no doubt that Apple helped boost the feature’s popularity with Memoji ever since its debut. Especially when you throw in Memoji/Animoji karaoke for good measure.

Above all, though, it’s Xiaomi’s blatant copy of the name and the art style here. But it’s not like this is the first time, or even second time, that Xiaomi has done something like this. It probably won’t be the last, either.

What do you think of Xiaomi’s new Mimoji? Think it’s too blatant of a rip-off for the company’s own good?