tvOS is gaining multi-user support, PS4/Xbox controller compatibility, an impressive new underwater screen saver & more

Apple during today’s WWDC keynote held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California announced some really cool new features coming to the tvOS software powering its Apple TV set-top box.

For starters, there’s a cool new Home screen feature that will automatically play fullscreen video previews of your favorite shows, replacing the state image in the background. tvOS will also bring a brand new underwater screen saver — they partnered with the BBC’s natural history unit to create some truly gorgeous 4K HDR footage of the sea floor and underwater life.

tVOS is also going to pick up multi-user support.

Users will be able to quickly log in and out using a new Control Center feature in tVOS that reminds us a bit about the Control Center in iOS. Everyone gets their own settings and preferences. This will work great with Apple’s upcoming services that also support multiple users via the Family Sharing feature.

For instance, each tvOS user will get their own Up Next list in the TV app along with personalized recommendations and so forth. tvOIS also delivers Apple Music and with multi-user support every user gets their own personalized music experience. The same goes for the upcoming game-subscription service Apple Arcade and the video-streaming service Apple TV+.

Speaking of Apple Music, the Music app on the new tvOS software will display lyrics, in sync with your music. When it comes to gaming, Apple TV owners will have more controller choices than the Nimbus MFi controller from SteelSeries because tvOS now supports Sony’s PlayStation DualShock 4 controller as well as Microsoft’s Xbox One controller.

And that’s about it for the next major update to tvOS.

How are you liking this changes, which one is your favorite and why?

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