Spotify zooms past 100 million paid subscribers

Spotify, the leading music-streaming service, in its most recent quarterly filing announced that it now has a hundred million customers on its paid Premium tier.

The company’s Premium subscribers grew to 100 million in the March quarter, representing a 32 percent annual boost. Spotify’s guidance called for 97-100 million Premium accounts.

In total, the streaming service reported 217 million users, 117 million of which are on its free, ad-supported tier.

By comparison, Apple Music surpassed 50 million paid users during the December 2018 quarter (at the end of November, it had 56 million paid and trial customers).

According to the Swedish company, outperformance was driven by a better than plan promotion in the US and Canada and continued strong growth in Family Plan.

“We also saw strong growth from the expansion of our Google Home Mini promotion, as well as the price reduction to our Spotify Premium + Hulu offering in the US,” the release reads.

Spotify also benefited from launching its service in India, a 1.34 billion people opportunity, at the end of February—according to the release, more than a million Indian users signed up in the first week, and that number has more than doubled in the following four weeks.

But although the streaming firm during the holiday quarter turned a profit for the first time in its history, it’s back to losing money—in the March quarter, it lost €142 million ($158 million).