How to get details about any song on Apple Music in the Music app or iTunes

How many times have you Googled a song you like to get more details on it?

Finding the title and artist is usually pretty easy. But what if you want more? You might want the album name and the date it was released. Maybe you want to dig even deeper and find out who wrote the song and its exact duration. You might even want the lyrics so you can sing along.

Luckily the macOS Music app and iTunes contain a helpful little feature that gives you information about any song you find. Here’s how to get details about any song on Apple Music with the Music app or iTunes.

Song Info in iTunes - Earth Wind and Fire

Get song details

Open the Music app (on macOS Catalina or later) or iTunes (on macOS Mojave or earlier), and then follow these steps to get your song details.

1) Navigate to the song you want the details for. It can be on Apple Music, in your library, or playing on a radio station.

2) Click the More (three-dot icon) button for the song. You may not see this button until you put your mouse over the song. For instance, if the song is currently playing, put your mouse next to the title at the top of the Music app window. If the song is in your playlist, put your mouse over the duration on the right. You can also right-click on a track.

iTunes and Music app More buttons for seeing song information

3) Select Get Info or Song Info from the pop-out menu.

Song Info in iTunes and Music app on Mac

Boom! You have a small window with a wealth of details about your song. If the song is one from your local library (and not Apple Music), you can even change these details, including adding the desired artwork.

Song information

Keep in mind that not all drilled-down details will be available for every song. Some will have more information than others. But overall, there is still a terrific amount of details.

Details: View the title, artist, album, album artist, and composer. You can also see the genre, year, track, and disc number. Want to know how many times you’ve played the song? You’ll find this under Details too.

Song Info Details Section in iTunes and Mac's Music app

Artwork: You’ll see the album artwork with an option to add your own using the Add Artwork button at the bottom.

Lyrics: If song lyrics are available, you can find those here.

Options: This section shows you the media type and lets you adjust the playback, volume, and equalizer. If you want the song to start and end at a certain spot, this is where you can set that up.

Song Info Options Section iTunes

Sorting: If you want to change the way the song is sorted in your view, you can do that here by name, album, album artist, artist, and composer with a sort as option for each. File: This area gives you the nitty-gritty about the song file, including file type, duration, size, bit rate, sample rate, and other details.

Song Info File Section iTunes

Using the Music app or iTunes to get the details about any song in Apple Music or your library is convenient. Song Info is one of those features you might not realize exists; so, hopefully, you’ll put it to use now and get information about the songs you enjoy that you didn’t have before. Besides that, you can also use Shazam on your Mac or iPhone to identify and know the song details or see the lyrics in real-time.

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