How to see full-screen lyrics and controls in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Struggling to view the words to sing along? Learn how to see the song lyrics on the full screen inside the Apple Music app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Full-screen lyrics in Music app on iPad

If you enjoy listening to music on your iPad or iPhone, there may be times when you like to sing along. You can view your time-synced lyrics in full-screen mode, as well as the playback options for the song.

These improvements make listening to your favorite songs and artists even better. Here’s how to enable the full-screen lyrics, check out your queue, and manage playback in Music on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

See Apple Music lyrics on the full screen

On iPhone

  1. Play a song in the Music app and go to the Now Playing screen.
  2. Tap the Lyrics button.
  3. Initially, you will see other controls on the screen. But after five seconds, the lyrics will automatically start showing on the full screen.
Full-screen lyrics in Apple Music app on iPhone

On iPad

  1. Play the song on Apple Music and go to the Now Playing screen.
  2. Tap the Lyrics button.
  3. Now rotate your iPad in portrait orientation to see the lyrics automatically take up your entire screen in portrait view, making them easier to read and follow along.
Full-screen lyrics in Apple Music app on iPad in portrait orientation

If you’re using your iPad in landscape view, the real-time lyrics are nice and big on the right side, with album art and playback controls on the left.

On Mac

1) Play a song inside the Music app.

2) Click the tiny album art from the top or click Window > Mini Player from the menu bar.

Click tiny album art in Music app on Mac

3) Click the green maximize button from the top left corner of the Music app Mini Player.

Click green expand button for Music app Mini Player on Mac

4) Hit the Lyrics button from the left if you don’t already see the lyrics on the right half of the screen.

Real-time Apple Music lyrics in full screen on Mac

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Easier playback controls

On Mac and iPad in landscape orientation, along with the lyrics for the current song in the full-screen view, so are your playback controls and the Up Next button. This lets you more easily play, pause, rewind, shuffle, AirPlay, or adjust the volume. If you hide the lyrics by tapping the icon, your controls and album art reposition to the center.

Apple Music lyrics and controls on iPad in landscape orientation

On iPhone and iPad in portrait orientation, a tap on the full-screen lyrics screen will bring up the controls in the lower part of the display.

Playback Controls on iPhone lyrics screen

Having real-time lyrics fill up your screen can make singing along to your favorite tunes that much better. And if you have a pal singing with you, you’ll both get the words right with a larger view.

What do you think about this? Are you happy to have the lyrics and playback controls larger on your Apple Music screen? Let us know!

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