Apple Arcade is a new subscription service with access to 100+ new and exclusive games

The App Store is the world’s largest digital content store today, but one of its most popular niches is mobile gaming. To date, more than 1 billion people have downloaded games from the App Store, which is comprised of at least 300,000 available titles.

Apple on Monday announced improvements to the gaming experience on the iOS platform, starting with augmentations to the way users discover and play new games. The company announced Apple Arcade to do just that.

“The App Store is the world’s biggest and most successful game platform. Now we are going to take games even further with Apple Arcade, the first game subscription service for mobile, desktop and the living room,” Apple’s Phil Schiller said in a public statement.

“We are working with some of the most innovative game developers in the world to create over 100 new and exclusive games to play across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Apple Arcade games will be great for families, respect user privacy and will not have ads or require any additional purchases. We think players of all ages are going to love Apple Arcade.”

Hot Lava, Where Cards Fall and The Pathless will be on Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade brings a full collection of 100+ new games that you won’t find on any other subscription service. Apple says that the company’s expert curators will hand-select the best titles to be featured on Apple Arcade, weeding out the junk from the good stuff and that the company itself will work with game developers to help make work-in-progress games materialize.

The Apple Arcade service adds a new Arcade tab in the App Store app where you can download and play any available game on demand. Some of the supported titles will include:

  • Enter the Construct
  • Sonic Racing
  • Beyond a Steel Sky
  • LEGO Brawls
  • Oceanhorn 2
  • Projection: First Light
  • The Pathless
  • Hot Lava
  • Where Cards Fail
  • And more…

Apple will add new games to Apple Arcade on a regular basis, empowering users to try whatever they want whenever they want. It’s also worth noting that Apple Arcade games can also be played across all Apple devices.

Oceanhorn 2

Apple Arcade will be a paid subscription service, but Apple has not yet announced pricing details. What we do know is that the monthly fee for Apple Arcade virtually eliminates the risks associated with purchasing individual games and not liking them afterward.

Beneath a Steel Sky

As you might come to expect from a paid subscription service, Apple Arcade won’t serve frustrating ads to users, which promises to provide an uninterrupted gaming experience for everyone. Apple will also let you play Apple Arcade games offline, which will be useful when you don’t have access to an internet connection.

Projection First Light

Parents can take a liking to Apple Arcade because the service is manageable with Screen Time and promises to preserve user privacy.

Lego Brawls

With these factors in mind, parents can manage their kids’ gaming schedules when school is in session and rest assured that their personal data isn’t being harvested by advertisers or marketers.

The company said Apple Arcade would be available this Fall in more than 150 different countries.

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