Twitter now lets you be more specific when reporting tweets containing personal info

Twitter announced today a new feature that allows customers to provide more details when they report a tweet that contains personal information.

According to the announcement, the tweet reporting feature will now present the user with these options when reporting a tweet that includes personal information:

  • Contact information (e.g. phone number, email address)
  • Home address or physical location (e.g. GPS coordinates)
  • Financial account information
  • A government-issued ID or ID number
  • Other

To access these option, you must start the reporting process by tapping the button Report Tweet, then select the option “It is abusive or harmful” and pick “Includes private information.”

To select other reason for reporting a tweet, choose the option Other.

Twitter is testing other ways to curb abuse on its platform, including a new tag to help users distinguish threads started by genuine users from posts made by fake accounts.