Apple’s new video wants to sell you on Smart HDR photography of the latest iPhones

Apple’s official YouTube channel last night published a video dedicated to the Smart HDR photography feature available on the new iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models.

In it, acclaimed film director Jia Zhangke talks about the importance of capturing details in highlights and shadows through Smart HDR with the new Apple smartphones.

“As a director, I need to capture as many details as possible while dealing with different shooting conditions,” Zhangke said in the video. “Smart HDR adds texture to my photos and brings memories of home to life.”

And here it is.

“Use Smart HDR to enhance the taste of home, and your memories, this Chinese New Year,” the video’s description reads.

Apple also commissioned Zhangke to direct a short shot-on-iPhone film (with a little help from additional equipment) that was shared last month in celebration of Chinese New Year.

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I must admit, I’ve had mixed results with the Smart HDR feature on my iPhone XS Max. Apple’s ads and videos like this have been touting Smart HDR as a solution that magically makes iPhones shoot excellent low-light photos.

Apple claims Smart HDR enables better color and more highlight and shadow detail.

In really, at least from my own personal experience, low-light shots I took with my iPhone XS Max were nowhere near in terms of dynamic range and image quality to the supposedly untouched Smart HDR photos featured on Apple’s website, like the one you’re seeing above.

What has your experience with Smart HDR been like so far?

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