Watch Apple’s new video shot on 32 iPhone XR cameras mounted on a bullet-time rig

Apple’s latest video, showcasing some of the creative video-capture possibilities afforded by its smartphone line, has been shot using 32 iPhone XRs mounted on a 360-degree bullet-time rig.

Aptly called “Full Circle” and running a minute and thirty seconds long, the clip features other-worldly scenes based on practical effects with materials like fire, water, slime and dry ice.

The footage was commissioned from Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of LA design shop Incite. The video was posted to the Apple’s YouTube channel two days ago and we’re spotlighting it now because we thought you might be interested in creative video experiments.

A custom bullet-time rig holding 32 iPhone XRs.

Apple also posted the making-of video which takes a closer look at how they shot the scenes using 32 iPhone XRs mounted on a bullet-time rig inside a darkened tent. Naturally, lighting and other professional equipment was also used in the making of this cool footage.

The original score was composed by School.

Software-wise, they filmed this using the ProCamera, ProCam 6 and Moment apps.

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