How to work with Keynote Presenter Notes on Mac and iOS

Keynote Presentation with Notes on iMac

When you are presenting a slideshow in Keynote, you’re likely going to be doing some talking. You probably want to explain each slide or expand on what your audience sees. This is when the Presenter Notes in Keynote come in handy.

You don’t have to worry about writing up physical notes or using index cards. And, your audience cannot see these notes. Here’s how to work with Keynote Presenter Notes.

Creating your Presenter Notes on Mac

Open up your presentation or create a new one in Keynote and follow these steps to create the Presenter Notes.

1) Click View from the menu bar.

2) Select Show Presenter Notes.

Keynote on Mac Show Presenter Notes

You’ll then see a large white box appear at the bottom of your Keynote window. Click inside the box to create your notes.

Keynote on Mac Create Presenter Notes

Customizing your Presenter Notes

You can customize the way your Presenter Notes appear on your Mac. This makes it convenient to create bullet points, emphasize text, or create an easy-to-read format for your presentation.

When you click inside the Presenter Notes box, the formatting options will appear in your sidebar. If your sidebar is close, click the Format button on the top right to open it.

Keynote on Mac Format Presenter Notes

Using your Presenter Notes on Mac

When you’re ready to give your presentation, start it as you normally would and then follow these steps to see your notes.

1) Click the Presenter Tools button on the top right.

2) Select Presenter Notes.

You’ll see your screen immediately change to show those notes, while the main presentation is not affected at all.

Keynote on Mac Show Notes

Creating your Presenter Notes on iPhone or iPad

Open Keynote on your iOS device and select your presentation or create a new one. Then, do the following.

1) On iPhone, tap the More (three-dot icon) button from the top right. On iPad, tap Presenter Tools on the top left.

2) Move the slider to enable Show Presenter Notes.

Similar to on Mac, you’ll see a white box appear at the bottom of the Keynote screen to enter your notes.

Keynote on iPhone Show Presenter Notes

Using your Presenter Notes on iPhone

If you use your iPhone as a remote for your Keynote presentation, you can enable your Presenter Notes on your device. When the presentation starts, tap the Presenter Layout button on the top. Depending on the slide you want to begin seeing the notes for, you can select from Current and Notes or Next and Notes. You’ll then see your notes on your device for the rest of the slideshow.

Keynote on iPhone Show Notes

Wrapping it up

Make sure that your presentation goes smoothly. Take advantage of the Keynote Presenter Notes feature so that you don’t forget a thing during your slideshow. Are there other features of Keynote that you find really helpful during your presentations? If so, let us know below!