Knowing the limits for iCloud contacts, calendars, reminders and bookmarks

Cloud Storage iCloud Limits

If you’re having trouble importing contacts, attaching more files to a calendar event, or saving a large bookmark, you may have simply surpassed the iCloud limits. Apple puts limitations on the sizes and numbers of items.

To ensure you can continue using iCloud successfully, you should stay within these limits for Contacts, Calendars and Reminders, and Bookmarks.

Limits for Contacts

The total number of contact cards and vCards you’re allowed each is 50,000. But there are also some maximum size limits to be aware of:

  • Contact card: 256KB
  • vCard: 256KB which includes text and a photo
  • Contact photo: 224KB
  • Contact group: 256KB
  • All contact card text: 48MB
  • All contact card photos: 200MB
  • Photo for a vCard: 224KB

Limits for Calendars and Reminders

The total number of calendars, events, and reminders you’re allowed is 50,000. Like with Contacts, there are some maximum sizes but also maximum numbers you can have of items:

Maximum sizes

  • All calendar and reminder information: 1GB, not including attachments
  • A calendar event including attachments: 20MB

Maximum numbers

  • Attachments per event: 20
  • Attendees per event: 300
  • People you can share a private calendar with: 100
  • Characters in the title of a reminder: 1000
  • Combined calendars and reminder lists: 100

Limits for Bookmarks

There aren’t a lot of limitations for bookmarks, but there are a few to keep in mind. You can have a total of 25,000 bookmarks. The maximum size of a bookmark is 4KB and for all bookmarks, it’s 24MB.

Wrapping it up

As long as you can stay within these limits, you shouldn’t have a problem getting done what you need to with your iCloud data.  Have you run into issues with these limits? You can check out the Apple Support site for more details on limitations if needed.

And, if you need help fixing photos that aren’t uploading or downloading from iCloud or with changing your storage plan, iDB has you covered.