Your favorite websites could soon support Mojave Dark Mode

MacOS Mojave Dark Mode

Dark Mode is fast becoming one of the most popular features of macOS Mojave. Now that feature is being introduced on Safari. In the latest Safari Technology Preview update, there’s code that lets site developers know whether a reader is using a Mac with Dark Mode. In doing so, they can have the site match the darker color scheme automatically. 

As 9to5Mac was first to explain, the Safari Technology Preview 68 includes prefers-color-scheme media query support for styling dark mode content.

This will allow websites to adapt automatically to changes in system appearance. So when you are using Mojave in Dark Mode, (updated) websites can automatically use dark themes too.

With Dark Mode, you can transform your desktop into a darkened color scheme that’s intended to put the focus on your content. When activated, Dark Mode changes the look of built-in apps, including Mail, Messages, Calendar, and more. A developer API allows developers to do the same for third-party apps. Since macOS Mojave was released to the public in September, numerous apps have added Dark Mode, including 1Password, HazeOver, Spark, and more.

Safari Technology Preview is a free download that serves as a testing playground for developers and the public to review upcoming features. You can install the preview alongside the regular version of Safari on your macOS device.

There’s no timeframe on when Apple might unleash Dark Mode on the regular version of Safari. When it does, we’ll let you know.

How do you like Dark Mode on macOS Mojave? Let us know below.