1Password for Mac gains Dark Mode, disables auto-submit in Safari

1password dark mode

Because of new security tools in macOS Mojave, the folks behind 1Password for Mac have disabled one of the app’s most notable features. At the same time, it has introduced a Dark Mode and made it easier to use the 1Password extension in Safari. 

Beginning with 1Password 7.2, passwords are no longer automatically submitted once they’ve been filled. This change, which might catch some users off guard, was recently discussed in a blog post by 1Password’s Michael Fey.

Previous versions of 1Password for Mac would enter your password automatically in Safari and also transmit a carriage-return character on websites. Though convenient, during this process 1Password had no way of knowing whether it was entering the password into a legitimate field or something created by a questionable website.

Fey also explains how the auto-submit feature was imperfect, noting:

Sometimes a website doesn’t behave as 1Password might expect, resulting in passwords being filled sub-optimally, or fields being left blank. If 1Password were to automatically submit forms in these cases, users are left with an experience that we don’t feel reflects how we want 1Password to work and can lead to confusion.

There’s a far more critical reason 1Password decided to remove the auto-submit tool: Apple no longer supports the mechanism behind it as a security measure in macOS Mojave.

As a result:

As yet another step towards a more secure environment, apps that can virtually type the ‘Return’ key on the keyboard have been significantly restricted.

Although some users might be concerned by the change, the latest version of 1Password comes with a significant promise. The software is now fully notarized under Apple’s new notary service. This means the software has been verified by the folks in Cupertino at being free of malware.

1Password 7.2 is also the first version that has the Safari extension built right into the app. In other words, the days of having to install a separate browser extension with 1Password are over.

You’ll also find a new Dark Mode in 1Password that supports the macOS Mojave feature by the same name.

1Password is available on the Mac App Store and through the 1Password website.