How to stop your iPhone from asking to join Wi-Fi networks

Wifi Settings on iPhone - disable ask to join networks

Have you noticed that your iPhone is asking to join new Wi-Fi networks?

By turning off one simple setting, you can prevent this from happening. Here’s how to stop your iPhone from asking to join Wi-Fi networks.

Disable Ask to Join Networks

1) Open your Settings app.

2) Select Wi-Fi.

3) At the bottom, turn off Ask to Join Networks by moving the slider.

Disable Ask to Join Networks iPhone

Now, you will still automatically connect to known networks as you did with this setting enabled. But, if there aren’t any known networks available, you’ll have to select it manually rather than being asked.

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Wrapping it up

Disabling the Ask to Join Networks setting should keep your iPhone from continually asking the question. What other settings are you trying to figure out on your iPhone that you need help with? Let us know and a tutorial could be on the way!