How to hide floating screenshot thumbnail previews on Mac

Floating Thumbnail Preview on Mac

One of the new features of macOS Mojave is the floating thumbnail previews that pop up when you take a screenshot. In previous versions of macOS, your screenshots, by default, would save directly to your desktop. But now, you’ll see a small preview of your screenshot in the corner of your screen briefly, before it saves to the desktop.

While this is a neat little feature for some, it can be meaningless to others. So, this tutorial shows you how to hide the floating screenshot thumbnail previews on your Mac.

Disable the floating screenshot thumbnail

1) Open the new Screenshot Utility by pressing Command + Shift + 5.

2) At the bottom of the utility, click the Options arrow.

3) In the context menu that appears, deselect Show Floating Thumbnail at the bottom under Options.

Screen Utility Hide Floating Thumbnail Mac

You can then continue to capture your screenshot. But now, you won’t see the floating thumbnail preview pop up in the corner. It will save directly to your desktop just as it used to.

Also, notice that in the Options menu you can choose to save your screenshot to another location if you like.

Screen Utility Options Save Location

Wrapping it up

There are plenty of cool new features to explore with macOS Mojave, so be sure to check out our article on the best ones. But, the floating thumbnail for screenshots isn’t useful for many people. Luckily, disabling is extremely easy as you can see.

What do you think of the floating thumbnail feature? Do you find it helpful or are you going to hide it now? Let us know your thoughts on it!