How to change your Apple TV Location Services settings

If you find the Location Services feature on your iPhone or iPad useful, you can use this on your Apple TV too. See movie times at your local theater, order pizza delivery, or get your current temperate with apps and other services using your location.

Here’s how to enable and adjust your Apple TV Location Services settings.

Location Services on Apple TV

Access your Apple TV Location Services settings

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Click General.
  3. Select Privacy.
  4. Choose Location Services.
Apple TV Location Services On

You’ll see on the Location Services screen under Location Services if you already have them enabled. Click to turn on or off Location Services here.

Below that, you can read Apple’s full description of what Locations Services are and how they work. In a nutshell, and like on your iPhone or iPad, Location Services are used to obtain and provide information based on your location.

Apple TV Location Services Top

For example, if you use a weather app, you can enable Location Services to get the current conditions and forecast for your spot. Or, if you’re using an app to find a house for sale in your town, Location Services can help the provider give you that information.

Just be aware that even though enabling Location Services can be helpful in giving you information, details can also be returned to the app provider. Check out our articles about iOS Location Services or those built into your Mac for further reading on the topic.

Apple TV services

The next set of options are items included with your Apple TV, and you can decide whether to use Location Services for them or not and when. These options include Siri and Dictation, Time Zone, Aerial (screen saver), and HomeKit.

Apple TV Location Services Apple TV Options

When you click each one, you’ll see different options depending on the service. For instance, Time Zone lets you decide whether to use your Location Services always or never, while Aerial lets you pick from always, while using the app, or never.

Just click each of these to make your selection for when to use Location Services.

Apple TV Location Services Aerial

Installed apps

The last section within Location Services is for third-party apps that you have installed on your Apple TV. As mentioned above and shown in the screenshot below, you may have apps like the weather that use your location to provide you information.

Apple TV Location Services Apps

Like with the Apple TV built-in items, you decide which of these apps can use your location and when. Click each one to view the available options and make your selections.

Apple TV Location Services Carrot Weather

As with your mobile device, you can enable your Apple TV Location Services to find information quickly for your current spot. If this is something you find useful, it’s easy to enable the feature and choose how apps use it on your Apple TV.

Do you use Locations Services on Apple TV, and if so, which apps do you enable it for?

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