Check out this Apple-curated list of iPhone apps that offer pure black mode

With macOS Mojave, Apple is bringing a dark-themed interface to your Mac. Although a similar mode is yet to make its way into iOS, a bunch of popular third-party applications now include either a pure black mode, like Twitter and YouTube, or at least offer a darkened appearance, like Outlook and Twitterrific, which uses shades of grey to generate panel contras.

To help users find iPhone apps that get the most out of that beautiful edge-to-edge OLED panel on their iPhone X, Apple’s App Store editors have put together a comprehensive daily list of the most popular iPhone apps which offer a pure black mode.

Titled “Does This App Come in Black?,” this list’s updated on a regular basis:

This curated list of apps that have implemented their own black mode (or at very least play nicely with iOS 11’2 Smart Invert feature) is viewable on the web and App Store.

All of the listed apps look great in black on older iPhone and iPad models, too.

Comparing Light Mode and Dark Mode in YouTube for iOS

A pure black interface, or a true Dark Mode, helps save power on devices like iPhone X because OLED panels light up the pixels individually rather than require backlight. Conversely, LCD iPhones won’t extend battery life if you toggle Dark Mode in supported apps.

Perhaps the biggest reason for toggling a darker theme in supported apps is the undeniable fact that Dark Mode-like interfaces tend to be way easier on the eyes, especially at night.

Do you know about other popular apps that offer a dark-themed appearance?

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