How to show weather on your iPhone Lock screen

Good morning

You can get a weather forecast on your iPhone Lock Screen whenever it’s time to wake up. Here are the steps to do this. 

What to know about seeing weather widget on iPhone Lock Screen

The weather widget is part of the Do Not Disturb feature for the Bedtime mode. You’ll need to activate this mode to see the widget.

Also, keep in mind that you will only see this widget after a Do Not Disturb session has ended and the iPhone remains locked. Once you unlock your phone, the widget won’t be seen again until the device ends another Do Not Disturb cycle.

Widget setup

Once Do Not Disturb is turned on, you’ll need to make sure weather always has access to your data. To do so:

1) Go into your Settings and select Privacy.

2) Next, tap Location Services.

weather settings

3) Scroll and tap on Weather.

4) On the final screen, under Allow Location Access, choose Always.

It’s time to wake up

The next thing you need to do is sleep — or at least experience some quiet time. When Do Not Disturb ends, you’ll see the weather on your iPhone Lock Screen.

In the example below, you can see a “Good Afternoon” message since the screenshot was created during the day, not the night.

weather widget

As you can see, the widget shows a welcome message, a written forecast for the upcoming day and night, plus a weather icon and current temperature.

1) Click Dismiss to remove widget for the day.

The weather widget in Do Not Disturb in iOS is easy to set up and even more straightforward to use. It’s a nice little feature that should prove useful on those dark winter mornings when you need to get up and want to know the forecast by looking at your iPhone Lock Screen before leaving the bed.