Mixmax will bring back some much needed stability to your Gmail inbox


Are you looking for a way to make your work time more productive? Tired of dealing with an overflowing Gmail inbox that has slowly taken control of your life? The Chrome extension Mixmax can help boost your productivity while also bringing some stability back to your inbox.

The extension, which you try free for 14 days, offers many features that make it worth considering. With Mixmax, you can schedule meetings more easily, queue up emails to send later, check who’s viewed your messages, create email templates, and more.

Once you install Mixmax in Google Chrome, you’ll notice a revamped compose window in Gmail. This works on Gmail’s classic and new view. If you don’t like the MixMax skin, or you want to disable it for awhile, you just have to click on the Old Gmail Compose link to return to the other interface.

Mixmax Email Window

I haven’t been using Mixmax for long, and because of this, I haven’t had the opportunity to use the tool’s scheduling feature. However, I have quickly fallen in love with the service’s many email tracking tools.

With Mixmax, I can now schedule Gmail emails to go out later. For example, I can send out an email in one hour or two, or next Tuesday or the following Thursday. In other words, whenever I want.

Mixmax also lets me know when someone has opened an email I have sent and whether they have replied. The Undo Send feature is also useful. It prevents email from sending even if you hit send.

MixMax Email Check

Mixmax also includes Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive integration, the ability to add polls and surveys to email, and offers Giphy integration. You can also use it to add visual previews of links from Twitter, Google Maps, and YouTube.

You can download Mixmax for free. After two weeks of testing, you can select from one of three packages. These include the $9 per month Starter pack, $24 Smart Business pack, and $49 Growth pack. There’s also an Enterprise package for large organizations.

You can download Mixmax through the Chrome Web Store.

Are you finally ready to tame your Gmail inbox on the web?