Use these 3 cool Spark email features to save time

Spark on iPhone

If you are considering switching to a third-party app for email, a terrific app to try is Spark. The application is available for iOS and macOS with Apple Watch support, so you can use it on all your devices. Along with that, Spark offers features such as labels and folder management, custom swipes for notifications, and Touch ID inbox protection.

Three additional features of Spark that are real time savers include Quick Replies, Email Scheduling, and Snoozes. Here are how these features work.

I love Spark, use it exclusively, and want to share these time-saving features for those considering it for their email. This article is not a paid promotion.

Quick Replies

Has there ever been a time when you wanted to acknowledge an email you received, but didn’t have the time to type the simplest reply? This is when Spark’s Quick Replies come in handy.

When you open an email, you will see the Quick Replies bar at the bottom. Then, with a tap, you can send a reply that says “thanks,” “great idea,” or “cool.” Once you tap the Quick Reply you want to use, the email is on its way with no further actions needed.

Spark email features - send quick reply

Along with the convenient built-in replies, you can set up your own easily.

1) Either open an email and tap More from the Quick Replies bar or from the main menu select Settings > Quick Replies.

2) Tap Add new from the bottom of the Quick Replies list.

3) Name your reply, type the text to send, and pick an icon.

4) Tap Done.

Spark email features - quick reply settings

You will also notice the Edit option on the Quick Replies screen. Once you tap this, you can delete or rearrange the replies. So, you can move those to the top that you use most often and get rid of others you don’t want.

Email Scheduling

Do you ever want to get all of your emails written up but not send them until a certain time? Email Scheduling is a Spark feature that lets you do this.

You can schedule an email when you reply, forward, or compose a new one. With any of these actions, tap the icon on the bottom right of the window displayed as a send plus clock combo.

1) Select when to send the email from Later Today, This Evening, or Tomorrow. You can also set up a custom date and time by tapping Pick date.

2) To change the date and time you selected, just tap on it and select a new one or tap the X to remove it.

Spark email features - schedule email

This feature saves you from typing up and sending an email at the exact time you want it to go. Reply, forward, or compose messages to be sent on any date at any time.

Customizable Snoozes

Have you ever read an email, but wanted to make sure you followed up later? Spark offers a snooze feature that is similar to the one on your alarm clock.

1) With the email you want to snooze open, tap the clock icon from the top right.

2) Select your snooze option and it will automatically apply. You can also enable an alert. Then when that date and time arrives, you will see the email pop back into your inbox as a reminder.

Spark email features - snooze email

If you would like to customize your snooze options, this is easy too.

1) Either tap Customize in the snooze window of an email or from the main menu select Settings > Snoozes.

2) Then select the snooze options you want to see, adjust the times if you want to, and enable the default alert if you like.

Spark email features - customize snoozes

Which Spark email features save you time?

You can use any or all of these features or combine them with other tools that Spark offers that save time and even increase your productivity. Which features of Spark save you the most time?

Again, these tips are from an actual user. I am a huge fan of Spark and we are in no way paid for promoting it.