Spark adds Send Later and follow up reminders

Spark by Ukrainian developers Readdle is the best free email client you can get for your iPhone, iPad or Mac, and now it’s gotten even better with two significant feature additions.

“Send Later and follow-up reminders are essential for professional email and have been long awaited by Spark users,” Readdle tells me via email. Aside from these improvements, the latest Spark update picked up a few bug fixes and revamped the email composer.

Send Later

With this feature, you can schedule email sending for anytime in the future.

In other words, you can now compose your email messages at the time that’s convenient for you and schedule sending when recipients are most likely to check their email.

Simply pick the right time for message to be sent and Spark will take care of the rest.

The ability to schedule sending when your recipients are most likely to check their email has been my biggest feature request since Spark’s inception.

Follow-up reminders

Are you eager to boost your response rate?

With follow-up reminders in Spark, you can. When replying to an email message, just tap a new alarm clock icon to assign an on-time reminder to that message.

The alarm goes off at its scheduled time, reminding you to send a follow-up message if you haven’t received a reply yet. With this helpful feature, any important emails are brought to your attention when you need to see and act on them.

As such, reminders ensure that your emails don’t end up in limbo.

Redesigned composer

The promotional video below shows off these new capabilities in action.

Last but not least, the Readdle team has freshened up Spark’s composer by adding dedicated buttons for revealing the hidden CC and BCC fields on the fly. You’ll also notice how easy it is to choose the FROM email address.

With the redesigned composer, navigation between your accounts and CC/BCC fields is easier than ever. And, of course, buttons for Send Later and follow-up reminders are only a tap away.

The composer was redesigned to accommodate “new features coming to Spark soon.”

Download Spark for iPhone and iPad free from App Store.

Spark for macOS is available at no charge in Mac App Store.