Google Maps for iOS picks up Explore, Driving & Transit tabs

Google said yesterday that the most recent update to its mapping and navigation app on App Store has brought three new tabs—Explore, Driving and Transit—that Android customers have had for more than a year.

Swiping up reveals the new tabs at the bottom of the interface.

You can use these shortcuts to quickly find a nearby restaurant, beat traffic or catch your next bus or train. Additional options are revealed by swiping up further.

Similar to quick shortcuts on Apple Maps, the Explore tab lets you quickly find nearby gas stations, ATMs, convenience stores, restaurants and other points of interest. The Driving tab includes real-time traffic conditions and delays for the selected area.

If you have saved your work and home addresses on Google Maps, this tab will also provide ETAs for those addresses, too. The Transit tab brings your public transportation options in one place, including bus and train schedules.

Google Maps is a free download from App Store.