How to download and view your entire Twitter history

View web archive of tweets

Did you know that Twitter has a feature that lets you get a copy of your entire tweet history? Available as an offline archive, it lets you see all your tweets in a nicely formatted HTML file viewable directly from your browser, or a CSV file.

In this post, we will show you how to download your Twitter archive and how to view your entire tweet history using a browser or a basic spreadsheet such as Excel or Numbers.

How to download your Twitter archive

1) Login to your Twitter account.

2) On the left, click More and select Settings and privacy.

3) Under Data and permissions click Your Twitter data.

Twitter Your Data

4) Enter your password under Download your Twitter data and click Confirm.

Twitter Data Archive

5) Next to Twitter, click Request Archive.

Twitter Request Archive

You won’t be able to download your archive instantly. Instead, you will see a message saying that a link to your archive will be emailed to you. Time probably varies depending on the size of your tweet history, but it took about a minute for Twitter to send me the entire @iDownloadBlog archive after requesting it.

5) Click on the Download  button in the email you receive from Twitter. This will take you to a web page where you can download the archive.

6) Enter your password, click Confirm, and then hit the Download archive button.

Twitter Download Archive

7) Unzip the file and you will get access to your archive that includes several files, but more specifically an index.html file and a tweets.csv file. These are the two that we want to look into.

Twitter Archive Folder

View your Twitter archive by year and month

The best way to view your Twitter archive is probably to do that using a web browser. Now let’s be clear, you will be looking at the archive using a web browser, but you do not need an internet connection. All the necessary files have already been downloaded locally and are available in the main file you downloaded in the previous step.

In the file you downloaded, double click on index.html. This will open a new window in your default web browser where you will be able to scroll through and look at each single tweet you sent.

This is my preferred way of browsing my Twitter history because it is clean and lets you browse per year and per month. It even shows you how many tweets you sent in a given month.

Twitter Search Archive

There is also a search field that allows you to dig into your archive based on keywords. While helpful in very specific cases, I find the search feature to be lacking. Still, I guess it’s better than no search function at all.

Although the practical use of your Twitter history is fairly limited, I guess it is a good way to keep a local copy of your archive should you choose to delete your account.