Merry Christmas! iOS 10.x jailbreak for 32-bit devices released

Just in time for Christmas, tihmstar has continued his 32-bit device run with a jailbreak for iOS 10. It works all the way up to the final 32-bit firmware, iOS 10.3.3, so barring any serious misfortune legacy devices should have access to a jailbreak forever.

Whilst tihmstar cautions that he has only personally tested the tool on iPhone5,2, iOS 10.3.3, the exploit should technically work on all iOS 10 firmwares and devices. h3lix is based on Siguza’s v0rtex exploit which tihmstar has ported to 32-bit, but he’s worked fast enough to release his work before the original exploit has been fully released for its original 64-bit platform.

If you’d like to download the first release candidate version, head over to the official h3lix website. The jailbreak can be downloaded as per usual, as an .ipa file, to be side loaded with Cydia Impactor. Please bear in mind that this is only a first release, and has only been officially tested on one device thus far.

Take care when installing, and make sure you have backup and recovery options in mind. However, reports are already coming in of it working on both models of the iPhone 5, as well as on the 5c and iPad, so with luck it should all go smoothly.

The tool is semi-untethered, as all recent ones have been and all future ones will most likely be, and bundles Cydia. Hopefully this release marks the beginning of a festive jailbreaking season, with a possible 64-bit 10.3.x jailbreak, an iOS 11 jailbreak, and a tvOS 11 jailbreak in the wings.

If you have a 32-bit device lying around and fancy tinkering with it, you can download h3lix now. Let me know your success stories, as well as any problems you encounter…

Merry Christmas!