How to automatically offload unused apps on iOS to regain storage space

The introduction of iOS 11 brought with it a variety of quality-of-life improvements for iPhone and iPad users, and today we are highlighting a new feature that allows your phone to offload apps you have not used recently on your device in order to save storage space.

You may ask: “why would I use this if I have important information in these little-used apps?” Luckily, Apple’s solution is more intelligent than you initially may imagine. When this feature is enabled, your device offloads your apps after an extended period of no use, but it holds on to your documents and data within these apps. If any of your iOS devices are lower storage variants, this feature can help to save space and make using your device a degree easier.

How to enable it

This feature is not highly publicized, and the toggles can seem somewhat hard to find. Note that there are two ways to enable this feature, and they are both listed below.

Option 1

offload unused apps iphone


You can enable offloading of unused app via Settings > iTunes & Apps Store > Offload Unused Apps.

Option 2

offload unused apps iphone storage

You can enable offloading of unused app via Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Offload Unused Apps.

That is all there is to it! Once you enable the feature via one of the two toggles above, your phone does the rest automatically. You can easily redownload an offloaded app by tapping it’s grayed-out icon on the home screen.

Are you interested in offloading your unused apps? Let us know in the comments below!