iPhone photography tip: Use flash during the day to make your photos more vivid

Flash is universally available with all smartphone cameras and even some tablet cameras, and it is a convenient feature in low-light and no-light conditions. However, I suggest that you consider using your camera flash in situations that you may think do not neccesitate extra lighting. In certain situations, this may provide you with a better photo than one taken without flash.

Here is one example.

iPhone photography tips before using flash iPhone photography tips after using flash

Notice the difference between the two photos above, as this is a perfect example of the sweet spot when flash photography is beneficial during sunlight hours. The top photo was taken without flash while the lower photo was taken with flash. The most notable difference is a bright and clean skin tone found in the photo taken with flash. Contrast this with the more washed out skin tone in the top photo.

The extra light from the flash allows this improved look to appear, and it is not limited to skin tone. Increasing light in your photo will usually add bright vividness across the spectrum of colors. As an example of this, notice the deeper black shades in the gate and in the hair.

It is important to note that sometimes, flash will not add any noticeable effect. Similarly, in certain situations the increased light from the flash will make the photo appear distractingly unnatural. This is a factor you will need to judge according to your own tastes, but as a general rule, try to limit distractingly bright portions by not using flash when its benefits do not outweigh its downsides in your shot.

This is one short and simple tip to help improve your photography with your iPhone or favorite DSLR, but it can make a larger impact than you initially may think if you use it judiciously.

What are some of your favorite iPhone photography tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below.