How to create and use Snapchat groups on your iPhone

Find out how to use the Snapchat group chat feature on your iPhone or Android phone to text and talk with multiple friends at the same time.

Several Snapchat icon avatars on a yellow background to signify group chat

Snapping in a group is basically the same as snapping an individual, except that snaps are sent to multiple people. The trick is getting the group started, but it’s very simple.

Just remember that you can only start a group chat with people who are added to your Snapchat as friends. However, it is not necessary for all group members to be friends with one another.

You can add up to 200 friends in a single group chat.

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Create and use group chat on Snapchat

1) Open the Snapchat app and tap the messages icon.

2) Tap the new chat button. You can also tap the three dots icon from the top right and choose New Chat.

Tap new chats button in Snapchat

3) Tap New Group.

4) Give your group a name you want.

Tap New Group and give it a name

5) Now, select all the friends you want to add to your group. You may not be able to create a group chat if you select a non-friend.

6) Once you have made your friend’s selection, tap the Chat with Group button.

7) You can now type your text message, add media, share location, send snaps, or even make group calls. From above your keyboard, you can also tap a friend’s name to start a personal chat with them.

Select friends and start a group chat on Snapchat

In addition to the above method, you can also go to the new chat screen, select two or more friends, and tap Chat with Group to start a group conversation. You can name the group later by tapping Name group from the top.

Select friends and start group chat directly in Snapchat

Alternatively, you can take a photo or video using your Snapchat camera and proceed to the Send To screen. On this screen, you can select two or more people and send the Snap in a group.

Send Snap to a group of friends on Snapchat

About using group chat on Snapchat

Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Your friends are informed when you take a screenshot of your group chat screen.
Notification saying your friend took screenshot of chat screen
  • Your Snapchat groups are listed on the Chat screen along with other individual chats.
  • You can type the display name of a person added to a group and select them or type @ followed by their username to mention them in a group message.
Mention a friend in Snapchat group chat
  • Tap the camera icon in a group chat to send Snaps to everyone. However, Snapchat makes it clear that “Snaps sent in a group don’t count for Snapstreaks with individual Snapchatters.”
  • You can see who all have seen your Snap in the group by seeing the names that appear in the Snap tile.
  • To see who has seen your group chat message, simply touch and hold a chat to see who all have seen/read it or saved it.
See who all saw your message in Snapchat group chat

Are you a Snapchat user? Do you use group chats? Let us know in the comments.

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