Apple Music launches Facebook Messenger extension

Facebook’s Messenger service has gained a new Apple Music chat extension for recommendations, song sharing and more. You don’t need to be an Apple Music subscriber to listen to and share 30-second clips from any track you discover within the Messenger app.

As first noted by Engadget, Messenger users just need to link their Apple Music account to share songs within the Messenger app. To use the Apple Music extension, simply tap the plus icon to the left of the chat field, then add Apple Music to any conversation.

This is a Messenger bot, meaning you can chat with it to discover new artists and genres or even send it an emoji in order to get a playlist to match.

While non-subscribers can discover music and share 30-second song snippets, sharing and listening to full tracks within the context of the Messenger service requires an Apple Music membership (you can even sign up for Apple Music right in Messenger).

If you don’t see or can’t use the extension yet, give it a while because it’s a staggered release. The feature may be unavailable in some markets. Facebook promised to bring Apple Music integration to the Messenger app at last spring’s F8 developers conference.