How to stop the Apple TV remote keyboard from popping up on your iPhone or iPad

Starting with iOS and tvOS 10, Apple introduced a new feature that facilitates text input on Apple TV using nearby devices. Called Apple Remote Keyboard, the feature lets you enter text on your Apple TV using a nearby device, if that device is logged into the same iCloud account and is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV.

While very useful, this feature can also become a source of frustration as the keyboard might pop up on multiple devices, or as I have been experiencing while running the iOS 11 beta, could just pop up randomly at any time regardless of what is happening on the Apple TV itself.

If like me you want to gain more control over what devices this feature is used with, I will show you how to stop the Apple TV remote keyboard from popping up on your iPhone or iPad.

How to stop Apple TV keyboard input popups on iPhone and iPad

1) On the device you wish to turn the keyboard off, go to Settings.

2) Navigate to Notifications > Apple TV Keyboard.

3) Set Allow Notifications to off.

From now on, this specific device will not be offering you the option to enter text from it. You may repeat this process with every device you do not wish to use to enter text on your Apple TV. In my experience, I find the right balance is to turn off this feature on iPad, but leave it on on iPhone, but of course, your mileage may vary.