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These truly wireless, high-fidelity headphones are 61% off

Learn to develop for iOS 11 for just $15

The Wolf of Wall Street, Children of Men, and other movies on sale in iTunes right now

Apple’s free app of the week: Checkmate!

Apple & related news

Apple accidentally reveals iPhone 8 form factor and ‘Pearl ID’ face recognition feature

Why finding future Apple product names in trademark filings has become next to impossible

HomePod apparently has 1GB RAM and 272 by 340 LED matrix screen

iOS 10 now powers 87% of iOS devices

You can now listen to unreleased UI sounds that will be used on HomePod

Apple’s Q3 2017: 41M iPhones, 11.4M iPads, $45.4B revenue

Interesting points from Apple’s Q3 earnings call

1.2 billion iPhones sold to date

Cook: Apple has “a large project going” in terms of autonomous systems

HomePod firmware hints at smart camera features coming to iPhone

iPhone 8’s front and rear cameras may bring silky smooth 4K video capture at 60FPS

How Apple could embrace iPhone 8’s rumored notch in the status bar

Redesigned Apple Watch with LTE chip coming later this year

iPhone 8’s 3D facial scanner might be used to authenticate Apple Pay transactions

If Apple built a transparent iPhone 8…


HomePod firmware reveals even more details about iPhone 8

This tweak lets you spoof your iPhone’s call history

SwitcherCC merges the App Switcher and Control Center interfaces

This tweak hides your Safari history without Private Browsing mode

Ten jailbreak tweaks to check out: Nomoji, PremiumPlay, & more…


Wirelessly transfer media files to your Apple devices without iTunes

Plant a tree and get things done with Forest


Architecture wallpapers

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