If Apple built a transparent iPhone 8…

Apple is probably never going to build anything remotely like it, but the very idea of a transparent iPhone does make for exciting conceptual artwork, as evidenced by a batch of high-quality renderings commissioned by German magazine Curved.de, published today.

“Everybody is talking about the next iPhone,” Felix Disselhoff, the magazine’s Editor in Chief, said via email. “But what if Apple made a transparent glass edition of iPhone 8—as a reminiscence to the legendary half-transparent iMac G3?”

The idea for the concept originated from YouTuber “JerryRigEverything”, who removed the rear film and coating on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and LG’s G6 devices, prompting Curved’s designers to envision a transparent iPhone that could provide an unobstructed view into its innards.

The front of the imaginary device would almost completely consist of an OLED display, as rumored, with the fingerprint sensor located underneath the screen and the front-facing camera being the only break in the otherwise seamless full-screen appearance.

A rear side made of glass would provide an unobstructed of the internals, like the A11 chip, Apple’s Taptic Engine and parts of the logic board. Looks great, wouldn’t you say so?

This is the perfect throwback to the 90s that established the company’s success with the semi-translucent iMac G3 which proved that desktop computers don’t have to look boring.

And here’s the video showing off their transparent iPhone 8 concept.

How do you like these conceptual renderings? Would you buy a transparent iPhone model if Apple built it? I certainly would!

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