Caption contest: what is Tim Cook really thinking?

Apple’s chief executive was among a group of tech leaders who met with US President Donald Trump earlier today to discuss improving governmental services.

Reuters photographer Carlos Barria was there to document the event.

He snapped up many images showing tech leaders mingling with Trump, but one particular photograph has sparked our imagination, to say the least.

Seen top of post, it shows U.S. President Donald Trump participating in an American Technology Council roundtable at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, accompanied by Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Other tech executives were seated at the table, but they’re cropped out.

Cook’s facial expression and body language on that image paint a picture of a man who’d rather speak in front of the Google I/O crowd than be pictured sitting next to Trump, and we mean that in a funny and light-hearted way.

At any rate, the photo is priceless, wouldn’t you agree? That said, we’re struggling to come up with the perfect caption to illustrate the image so maybe you could help us out here?

What is Cook really thinking?

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