Photos for Mac will sync faces across devices, support printing services & more

Photos for Mac is gaining some interesting new features in macOS High Sierra, which is the official name of the upcoming 10.13 version of the desktop operating system powering Mac computers and notebooks. For starters, the app will now synchronize any named or recognized faces across your devices via iCloud.

Facial recognition has received a boost, thanks to advanced convolutional networks and machine learning. You’ll notice a new persistent sidebar within the app, allowing for one-click access to the commonly used features. You also get a new view for all your imports, allowing you to view them in chronological order and so forth.

Speaking of filters, you can now filter your photos and videos by things like your favorites, media type and more. There are also some new editing tools, like support for precise curve-based adjustments of your color, contrast and more. You can now select content areas by color as well.

The app now plays nicer with third-party apps like Pixelmator.

Now when you edit an image in Pixelmator and save the changes, Photos automatically updates the image in its library. Last but not least, Photos for Mac will feature support for additional third-party printing services, allowing users to easily order wall-mounted photo prints and even publish their images using website templates.

Apple did not say when the updated Photos app will release or if it will require macOS High Sierra.