Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Charge, TouchBar, & more…

Recovering from a somewhat slow week just before Memorial Day, the Cydia Store appears to be back up and kicking with some interesting new jailbreak tweaks for modding out your device to make it cooler than everyone else’s.

In this roundup, we’ll talk about all the jailbreak tweaks that were released in Cydia this week, starting with our favorites and then moving on to the rest afterwards.

Our favorite releases this week

Charge – $0.99

Charge is a really neat replacement for the Lock screen’s battery charging interface on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

After installation, you get a fully-customizable battery charging interface any time your device is locked and plugged into a power source. Complete with a beautiful background blur and a simplistic interface, it’s perfect for minimalists that are looking for a simpler UI.

You can customize what kinds of information appear alongside the battery information, as well as the colors of the indicator.

To learn more about the Charge tweak, we recommend reading our full review.

TouchBar – $2.00 sale price for first week, then $2.50

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TouchBar is a sleek new jailbreak tweak that attempts to replicate the Touch Bar experience from the 2016 MacBook Pro on jailbroken iOS devices.

Although it’s not as dynamic as the Touch Bar is on the MacBook Pro since it doesn’t change dynamically based on the app you open, it does on the other hand have different shortcuts to various things, including but not limited to Siri, volume and brightness sliders, and music controls.

You can choose the main page the TouchBar tweak and configure where it does and doesn’t appear in iOS.

To learn more about how TouchBar works, read our full review.

Other releases this week

DetailedCellularUsage: Lets you see more detailed cellular usage on your iPhone (free – review)

GuestMode 2 (iOS 10): Allows guests to sign into your device with limited capabilities ($0.99 – review)

LSHiddenTools10: Lets you hide or show various things from the Lock screen (free – review)

SaveBot: Lets you save videos from the Tweetbot app (free – review)

SwitchTint: A color customizer for toggle switches throughout iOS (free – review)

Toka: Replaces Todget widgets on the Home screen with missed notifications (free – review)

Although that wraps things up for this week, the future has a lot of interesting jailbreak tweak releases in store that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned to iDB to keep up to date with the latest jailbreak and jailbreak tweak news.

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What was your favorite jailbreak tweak release this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!