Apple shares 3 new ‘Switch to iPhone’ ads

Apple on Monday shared a trio of geeky ads that are part of its new campaign aimed at persuading Android users to make the leap to the iconic smartphone. Published on Apple’s official YouTube channel, the new mini-ads, running sixteen seconds each, promote the company’s ability to roll out important security fixes fast via iOS software updates.

Apple is also praising the smartphone’s smooth, stutter-free performance while highlighting easy contact transfer via the Move to iOS app for those who would gladly switch to an iPhone.


“We design the hardware and the software so your iPhone just works,” says Apple.


“Access to the latest updates keeps your iPhone secure,” reads the description.


“Switch to iPhone,” reads the video’s description. “The Move to iOS app makes it simple to move your contacts, photos, and more to iPhone.”

The new ads use the tagline “Life’s easier when you switch to iPhone” and direct viewers to the recently revamped ”Switch to iPhone” webpage at

Apple’s mini-website for switchers now includes useful new sections covering topics like in-house designed iPhone chips, powerful cameras, easy of use, customer support and more.

Do you like Apple’s new ads? Do they manage to sell folks on the merits of iPhones, do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.